About Us

PURE EARTH started from a passion that evoked a lifelong journey of creating craft roasts that reach the pinnacle of all coffee flavors. Two guys, a dream, and a colossal calling. Learn more about PURE EARTH.


Pure Earth Coffee started from two lifelong best friends Quentin Graber and Bailey Sheldon. Seeking their path for purpose-driven excellence, they sought to create a Coffee Roastery with the mindset that everyone deserves a delectable cuppa’ Joe. Founded in Fort Wayne, IN, the team desires to bring the experience of coffee to life each and every day for people outside of a café. It is our passion to educate more of the masses on what goes into that cup of coffee they drink every morning. Hence the beginning of Pure Earth Coffee, where we dig deep and show the process from Earth to Cup, and why fresh is the only way to live day by day.


Our Passion is the taste, the smell, and feeling of a perfectly roasted, golden-brown coffee bean. We know every single bag has a story, a unique story that traveled all around the globe, from the earth's soil, through the hands of a farmer, shipped to a roaster, and now to a consumer. Who knew that one bean could harness enough energy to power a globe of workers?

We wake every morning thinking, dreaming and envisioning a future. A brew that empowers a generation of hard-working human beings.


Our mission is simple; we plant seeds. We aspire to live out a PURE EARTH mentality. Everyday there is an opportunity to give back to people, care for the less fortunate or glance at a fellow human with a smile. Everybody has a purpose here on earth. Some seem small while others are more bearing. But, there is a unique and meaningful purpose in everyone. How can we be a part of transforming this world into a source of purity, and imitate our Master?


The word "Areté " is an ancient Greek word that refers to "excellence of any kind." Areté represents so much more than our coffee, it is who we are at our core. We strive to pour back into our team to inspire creative ideas and new techniques, while handing them the tools to prepare them for a path of excellence. Everything goes back to our team, and how we can help push them to greater heights.