PURE EARTH started from a passion that evoked a lifelong journey of creating craft roasts that reach the pinnacle of all coffee flavors. We spent 8 years studying coffee and refining our palate so that each and every coffee seed is carefully selected, roasted, and extracted to bring forth the most out of mother nature’s blessing. We see ourselves not just as a bean and roast company, but as archeologists who are uncovering the hidden mysteries that dwell beneath the Earth's crust.

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  • - Harvest -

    Every coffee tree is carefully planted, pruned, and cultivated to ensure it has healthy growth before each harvest.

  • - Roast -

    The green beans are stored in environmentally healthy facilities in airtight bags until taken to the roaster on the day of your order.

  • - Extract -

    We ensure that our coffee beans are roasted fresh so that when your coffee is bloomed and extracted, it will produce a delightful taste and a room-filling aroma.

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