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Flair Pro 2: Manual Espresso Maker

Flair Pro 2: Manual Espresso Maker

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  • The Flair PRO 2 requires a high-quality, espresso-capable burr grinder.
  • -HANDCRAFT SHOTS OF ESPRESSO - The Flair PRO 2 is a 100% human-powered, manual espresso press. With the Flair Espresso Maker, you have a complete manual espresso machine that can produce professional quality shots of espresso from your home, or wherever you are. Add 70ml of boiled water and a dose of up to 24 grams to yield up to a 56 ml shot with beautiful crema. A burr grinder is essential for use with this product.
  • -COMPLETE BREW CONTROL - The Flair PRO 2 features a custom pressure gauge with an Espresso Zone between 6-9 BAR, exactly that needed to create cafe-quality manual espresso extractions. The pressure gauge allows for immediate visual feedback while pulling shots with the Flair manual espresso press. Each Flair PRO 2 manual espresso maker is also capable of handling various brew ratios from 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1, ensuring that you can extract exactly the espresso you want, right from your home.
  • -MAJOR BREWING UPGRADES - The Flair PRO 2 features three upgrades over Flair’s other manual espresso makers including a removable stainless steel spout, an enhanced all-stainless steel bottomless portafilter with improved flow dynamics, and a silicone lever grip for better brewing ergonomics.
  • -EASY TO CLEAN & PORTABLE - The Flair Espresso Maker is the only manual espresso maker with a completely detachable brewing head. This patented design allows for users to completely remove the brewing head, separate the parts, and rinse under cool water. This design also means the Flair PRO 2 can pack into an included, precision cut carrying case, meaning you can take your espresso anywhere you’d like.
  • -BUILT TO LAST - Now with an upgraded, stronger base, post and lever! The Flair PRO 2 is made from durable materials like cast aluminum and stainless steel, so you can be sure your manual espresso maker, by Flair, is built to last. Both the aluminum press stand and the stainless steel brewing head are backed by a 5-year warranty.
  • Weight 7 lbs
    Dimensions 14 × 10 × 4 in

    Black, White


    7 lbs (3.18kg)

    Case Dimensions

    12.5" L x 9" W x 3.25" H (32cm x 23cm x 8cm)


    Assembled Dimensions – 12.5″ L x 6.25″ W x 10″ H (32cm x 16cm x 25.4cm)
    Dose – 16-24 grams
    Input Water Capacity – 70ml
    Yield – Up to 56ml

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Kenley B
    Flair Pro 2- Customer Service

    Pure Earth Coffee Company was great to work with on getting my new Flair Pro 2 Espresso machine. Not only is the machine amazing in quality, but the customer service from Pure Earth was above and beyond what I would expect from a company today. I have a bag of one of their espresso beans and am excited to try them when they’re ready! I will review once I’ve tried them!

    Kevin James

    For the money, Flair Pro 2 pulls the best shots on the market. There simply is no better machine that you would want for your home espresso bar. Here is my takeaway.
    1. Fully Manual allows for full customization and ability to dial in your espresso
    2. Easy to use, and does not take up a huge footprint on your counter
    3. It comes in sturdy stainless steel that is hefty and built to last
    4. The carrying case is perfect for traveling and having access to some of the best coffee in the industry
    5. It is CHEAP. Most high end espresso machines that pull this quality of shots are $1000+ and thats just for the machine
    6. My daily experience with this is truly therapeutic. Nothing is better than waking up and hand pulling a lever and dialing in the perfect double espresso
    7. The design is Beautiful, and I get tons of comments from friends that come over
    8. Did I mention built to last, well there is simply zero maintenance. I have had mine for 6 months now and zero parts of failed. I have pulled a total of 2 cycles a day + occasional weekends with friends upwards of 8-10 cycles, so roughly 400 cycles and absolutely functions just like it did when I opened the box
    9. Pure Earth Coffee sent me a 12oz bag of Nicaraguan with the purchase and I was ecstatic with not only the machine but the beans too. ABSOLUTELY LOVE!
    10. I save thousands of dollars a year, brewing my own espresso based drinks at my home instead of going to the Cafe every time.

    So that is my full review of the machine. I am deeply impressed with this little guy and I can tell you now I will be a lifetime buyer of FLAIR.

    Andrew Pierce
    Quality machine that pulls more espresso and less $$$ out of your wallet

    EASY TO USE: the instructions and machine itself make the Flair really easy assemble and use. The compact, simple design also make it ideal for bringing quality coffee with you, wherever you go.
    RELIABLE: once you get the Flair dialed in, it pulls a fantastic shot. Every time.
    QUALITY: an automatic espresso maker that pulls the same quality of shot as the Flair would cost 2-4x as much, to say nothing of the soaring costs of coffee in cafes and shops. In addition to all its other advantages, the Flair saves me a lot of money.
    CLEANING/ASSEMBLY: both are incredibly easy to do and require no special tools, cleaners, or complicated methods. Water and a drying rack are enough.

    I am very satisfied with my purchase, and my Flair also shipped several days earlier than expected, so shout out to Pure Earth for that one!


    Pure Earth strives to gain connections in which they are able to receive raw coffee beans, either straight from farmer or through an importing warehouse. We focus on the farm, that way we can support the very people behind the coffee.