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Fellow: Stagg EKG - Electric Kettle

Fellow: Stagg EKG - Electric Kettle

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Whether you're a world brewing champion or a brewing beginner, Stagg EKG will be your countertop partner in the pursuit of a ridiculously good cup of coffee. With variable temperature control, 1200 watts for a quick heat time, and a world of features for ultimate control, this is the pour-over kettle perfected.

Thoughtful Features: 

  • Precise gooseneck spout for optimal pour-over flow rate
  • To-the-degree temperature control 
  • LCD display
  • 60-minute hold mode
  • Brew stopwatch
  • 0.9 L boiling capacity
  • Multiple colors + wooden handles 

Coffee Experts

Learn more of how to brew all methods over at our Masterclass. We want to help you start your journey with the highest quality crafted brew. Let us help you extract the deep aromas, and subtle notes of the coffee tree.


Not extracting well? If you are new to the coffee adventure. Feel free to contact us with questions about your brew, we would be happy to help you.

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Shipping & Returns

All coffee is roasted the day of fulfillment and shipped normally between 2-4 business days.




If for some reason you are not pleased with our roast, please reach out to us, we would be happy to send you a new bag of coffee on us.

Care Instructions

All coffee is recommended to be stored in a vacuum sealed container. The excessive exposure of moisture and oxygen will make the flavors fade, and increase the rapid aging of coffee, making it stale quicker.

We understand that most coffees peak is within the first 2 weeks after roast, so its important to get everything out of that period of time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Julia Graber

Quality is great, easy to use and heats water up fast. Definitely recommend this product.

Sherry Layman
Fellow: Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

I have had one of these kettles for 3 years and absolutely love it for pour overs and hot tea. It takes 2 minutes to heat - much faster than my stove top! This one is a gift for a great friend!

Charlie Jones

I ordered one of these Kettles and it instantly brewed better coffee at Home. I was so ecstatic to be able to control my brew temperature to the degree and have it hold temp for a really long time. I love the attention to fine detail with this kettle and how well it is balanced in your hand, and how perfectly I can control my pour over. I also love the stop watch setting that allows me to no longer have to use my phone every time I want to brew a 1:15 ratio pour over. In all I am greatly pleased with this upgrade and it is the time of my life every morning.


Pure Earth strives to develop relationships directly with green coffee farmers and their importers in order to work together to provide the highest quality cup of coffee. We focus on the farm so that we can support the very people behind the coffee you drink.